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Daoyin Tao

DAOYIN TAO®. -Chinese Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage

"flowing steady hands envelope your face, neck and shoulders in a confident ballet on the skin,
gently releasing the stress and tensions which have risen up the body"

We say "Feeling is Believing!"

Daoyin Tao® (pronounced DOW-yin TOW as in TOWn) is a deeply effective therapy which draws on traditional massage techniques used in Chinese hospitals and clinics for hundreds of years. These techniques have been softened, adapted and blended with modern Western massage to create a powerful synergy, which offers total holistic healing.

Daoyin Tao® provides a unique dimension to holistic treatment and may often help relieve many of today’s common ailments requiring relaxation, decongestion, reduction in pain and stiffness, general rebalancing and revitalisation. The benefits of Daoyin Tao® have been known to extend throughout the whole body to areas far beyond those contacted by the gentle flowing massage.

Ideal for Relaxing - Revitalizing - Rejuvenating - Rebalancing - Pain and Discomfort - Decongesting

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