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Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shells are the world's first naturally self-heating massage tool each Lava Shell is 100% natural.

This revolutionary and unique massage uses naturally self warming Tiger Clam Shells to deliver a seamless treatment tailored to suit your individual needs. The warm smooth shells are expertly glided over the body with varying pressure, techniques and precision, enabling the therapist to reach the deepest aches and pains alleviating all stress and tension. Hydrating oils are used during the treatment to moisturise the skin as the warming energy of the shells helps to revitalise and rebalance the body and mind

Offering all the benefits of hot stones but with the heart-warming, mind-easing benefit of being eco-friendly, Lava Shells are a new innovate massage tool favoured by beauty therapists and a whole host of celebrities, thanks to their unique composition which enables them to retain heat for up to an hour keeping the flow of the massage in tact.

Back - 30mins    £35
Full body - 60mins    £55

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