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Body Massage

Care of the body, and relaxation of the mind through massage is an ancient art, with its value proven over centuries for dispelling the cares and tensions of everyday life. The therapist is primarily concerned with general massage, where all areas of the body can be manipulated to different degrees, to bring about relaxation which eases physical and mental tension.

Physiological benefits include:
- nourishment of the skin and all its structures
- stimulation and strengthening of muscle fibre,
- blood and lymph circulation improvement
- elimination of waste
- increases glandular activity
- pain relief
- aids relaxation

All massages are carried out using pure Organic essential oils in a relaxing, soothing atmosphere with accompanying music if you wish. Whether you are suffering from muscle fatigue, stress or a sluggish system we are able to adapt various massage therapies to suit your individual need.

Full Body Treatment, Legs, back, Neck, Shoulder or Arms
30 min session   £29
45 min session   £38
60 min session   £48

Lava Shell Massage 
Lava Shell Massage is a truly relaxing treatment using hot lava shells on parts of the body - from the forehead to the feet - giving a deep massage and creating a sensation of warmth and comfort.
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Back, neck and shoulder - 30mins   £35
Full body - 60mins   £55

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